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This is one lengthy journey that does not even going to end any time shortly. And when you didn't get what we're discussing then it is"Pussymon" saga which currently has 34th (! )) Episode released. Seems like there is a great deal of admirers of the game and most likely you truly should test it in case you haven't yet! By the way this episode is labeled"The Hydragodon's rival". Sounds epic, dont' you think? Your team of heroes and this time you will end up in some truly ginormous cave. Exploring it and get new pussymons that no one has ever noticed before is your assignment. Ofcourse thare will be quests. Here you will find 8 fresh pussymons to grab, 26 new cartoons to enjoy. Additionally this scene introducing a new mechanic and a new elemental property which both will be well developed in upcoming sequences.
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