What happens when two animation univers and a single videogame universe will collide in 1 game? It'll be a hentai parody along with your beloved characters! Well, at least in this game. So if you'd like to become admirer of"Winx Club" or just like whorish clothed redheads who is looking for a few experiences on her nice butt then you are going to be happy to know that the primary hero of this game would probably be non other than Bloom! You beneath you takes her as aplayer and can help all teh risks to be avoided by her on her manner. However, where she'll go? Here is something that you will supposed to choose in the start of the game - want one to see Bloom visiting the spooky halloween planet of Scooby Doo or see among the Mushroom worlds that are the domain of Marionames? But no matter which you will select you'll be rewarded with iot hentai scenes (in case you will be succesfull at aracde region of the game ofcourse)!

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Samus the Tentacle Trap

Usually when playing Metroid series videogames you manage hot blonde Samus Aran who gets rid off terrible and dangerous creatures together with her armour and powerfull blaster. But maybe not in this game. Not only this game is a hentai parody but also you will be controlling the tentacled monster who will attempt to catch Samus and ofcourse fuck of her fuckholes for all that she has done to your monstrous friends before! But very first you'll have to liquidate this elaborate armor of hers... And to accomplish this you'll need to use your instinct. You're able to start the attack As soon as you select directions for assault and defence. Samus shield and will attack in directions also. Your objective is to attack zones that she's not defendeing and shield zones which she will attack. Every time you win you may rip off one of her armor match components and if she will will have a succsefull atatck you will liberate some of your health. If you will rip off all of her armor and get through you may see fine manga porn sex scene!

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Nice Demon Bad Angel

Demons are naughty, Angels are good? Yep, but in this game they're also quite sexy - most of them! This game is a version of arcanoid game. You will have to sort white and red orbs and make them stay on their very own field. Red ones- forth demonic side with sexy hentai devil girl drawn onwhite ones - on the side of light with hot blond posing as sexy angel! But be quick - there's a countdown for every level! But in case you will do job in time - images on the fields will change into even more alluring versions of their characters! However the number of orbs will likely be inserted for level! Great game to test your reaction with hot chicks - drawn and real - posing sexy for you as reward! How many degrees will you be able to maintain your focus in such exciting and dixtracting company?

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