Christmas Ladies 2

Xmas year with candies anime damsels can lightly turn into the greatest time of the entire year... at least in this match! The gameplay is based on well known memory card sport. You'll have few cards along with images (you may check them all before beginning the game from the main menu of this sport and it might be quite usefull afterwards in the match). Your primary purpose is to find each of the pairs and take them off of enjoying desk. There will be a collection of rounds and each round contains it's own provisions of winning. Sometimes you will have to locate three cards and not two, sometimes there will be a time limit and so on. Each time you will finish the round you will unlock hot appearing anime doll in certain sexy xmas themed outfit. You could even check them in main menu gallery once you may unlcok them.

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Slugger’s Boobie Christmas

Holiday and hello greetings to all of you! You may know him as horny co-host of the hit online animation series called"YAAFM". But that is not the point - the point is that he is obsessed with breasts and sex... yeap, just like many of you around! The genre of the game is vacation card which is meant just for adult auditory since it's true sexually explicit greeting karaoke tonight! So click on the start button and then prepare to see a great deal of sexy sensual model (real ones - not a few cartoon parodies whatsoever) posing at xmas themed outfits and lingeries! Ofcourse there are the words for the tune and you are able to sing with Slugger the whole song if just staring at candy hotties is not sufficient for you! And be confident you will watch it until the end...

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