Pussymon: Episode 41

For over three decades now you are diving into enchanting world of adventures and hot pussymons. And to feast this event you ar ewelcomed to play one more particular gig that's also scene 41 in the series and it is titled as"Where's Babette?" You may have no idea who this Babette is why doy you have to bother on looking for her but that is only going to proove you have not played previous vignettes however. To repair this error you need to go to our website and play with them first-ever! For everyeone else this gig may briing not just a bunch of fresh quests and places but also a dozen of fresh sexy pussymons to capture, 36 new animations to enjoy, 5 bosses to battle along with a lot of otehr things that has been arousing enough to create this game series going for more than three years and 40 sequences!

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Pussymon: Episode 34

The quest in search for your most sexy pussymons will continue in this fresh gig under the amount of 34 along with the title of"The Hydragodon's rival" (ooh, seems epic!) . If you played the preceding episodes of this adventure saga (and should not then you definitely should play them!) Then you know that our personalities are attempting to get the way to defeat the powerful Hydragodon. And seems like there is one person which may be indeed helpfull - not only she hates the Hydragodon but also has some knowledges about how best to hit her. So now our team of brave adventurers will have to becaome aan archologic group and learn more about the large cave where they most likely will locate this mysterious person... As for teh new qualities you may view 8 new pussymons (and five of then are bosses!) , over two heaps of new hot animations along with two fresh scenes with Bridget from the side-quest.

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